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Moving Art WorkWhat to do with the myriad of artwork I had created and manhole cover paraphernalia I had collected? That was one of my biggest problems to solve.
We were moving from a spacious home with two studios to a townhouse with a small studio. If I did not find a solution, some of my largest creations, like “Con Ed Maintenance,” a huge standing street scene, could end up in a dumpster awaiting a cruel fate.


Fortunately, several museums came to the rescue. Bultimore Public works Museum


Baltimore Public Works Museum loaded a fourteen-foot truck with sculptures, works on paper, manhole fashions, and all manner of manhole related memorabilia.

The following year, 1996, they featured much of my work in a one-woman exhibition “Grate Works.”

The Baltimore Public Works Museum Album highlights the move, exhibition and reception. Lists of the exhibition pieces and items in their archives are attached.

Presently, a small selection of works is displayed near the Museum Gift Shop.
Read “I’m Moving, So Is My Art,” to learn more about all the Museums that acquired my work at that time.


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