Bobbi Mastrangelo GrateWorks


"WHEN" Wins Third Prize at OCFTA Juried Exhibit - May 2008

Exhibit -Mill Pond House Gallery
"The Street Was Paved in Gold"
January 19 - February 15, 2008

Peace Wish for 2008 - If We Only Have Love - January 2008


Prayer for the Indian Iron Worker - November 2007

Sewer History Hall of Fame - November 2007

Attleboro Arts Museum 2007 Benefit Auction - September-October 2007

2007 Interview - Mental Contagion by Sam Edsill- Cause & Effect. (PDF)

When? The National Association of Women Artists - 118th Annual Exhibition - Monroe Center for the Arts - September 9 - 30, 2007

Water Form Sculptures "Summer in the City” Exhibition NYC - July-August 2007

"Don't Go Soft on Terrorism" Osceola Center for The Arts - May 2007

"FREEDOM", 2007 National Post Card Dedication - May 2007

Grate Art Happening - April 2007

"The Side Walk Was Paved in Gold" - "Women's Perspective" Exhibition on - March 2007

"Peace Grate" as a Poster in "The Open Book Peace Project" - January 2007


“Florida Gold” 22nd Floor Gallery - The Capitol- Tallahassee, Fl - Nov 2006 - Jan 15, 2007

"Attleboro Water "- Attleboro Museum’s Auction - Oct-Nov 2006

"Grate Spring”, 2006 National Post Card Dedication - May 2006

Osceola Center For the Arts - March 2006

Peace For Our World - Jan 2006

"The Power of Four in 2004" - Mills Pond House Gallery - Dec 2005 - Jan 2006


"Irish Blessing" - Solivita Artisan Guild - December 2005

“Acquedotto” - The Orlando Museum of Art - Nov 2005

"Attleboro Underfoot"- Attleboro Museum’s Auction - Oct-Nov 2005

"Sedona" - Salt Lake Sity - Oct 2005

Museum of Contemporary Art Fundraiser - Arkansas - April 2005

Postcard 2005 ("Atlanta Engineer’s Sewer”) Dedication

2006 Postcard Dedication

Atlanta EngiGrate Spring

"Grate Spring”, my 2006 issue for National Post Card Week is dedicated to Landscape Architect, Brian Mahoney.

"Grate Spring"  (Daffodils)
28” Garden Sculpture
Pub: Monarch Graphics
Post Card page

One Autumn, Brian secretly planted daffodil bulbs under my garden grate.  That was over a decade ago and yet I still fondly recall the delightful surprise of seeing The Tete-a-Tete Daffodils popping up through the openings.

About Brian John Mahoney

Landscape Architect


Brian John Mahoney ASLAStarting with a toy truck and a clutch of Manaluci Tomato Plants, Brian John Mahoney has been gardening since he could walk. He took his passion to the collegiate level and received an AS degree from SUNY Farmingdale, the first school for horticulture in the country.

Wanting to put all of his attained plant knowledge to good use, he then attended The Ohio State University, enrolling in Landscape Architecture, and continued studying Ornamental Horticulture. Upon earning a duel BS degree in both disciplines, he completed his LA apprenticeship in firms in NYC and Southampton, NY.





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