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Inspired by the land, an ancient land
The fibers were dyed the color of sand.
Beaten and dried, the linters took birth
Canyon-red slice of hallowed earth.

The artist stopped,
Prayed for guidance.

During restless sleep the spirits spoke
From a distant land, an ancient land.

Drums pounded, bare feet danced.
Singing, chanting, invading her dreams.
“For Sedona, Sedona
Great Spirit we pray!”

They danced in warm winds
Through dry desert air
Pleading for Water
Calling for rain.

With red-earth hue, chalk response:
Strokes, scribbles,
Stars, dashes
Prayers answered.

Cave-Paper drawings
Honors ancient lands
Hallowed earth and red-canyon sands
Inspired by the spirits of Sedona.



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- Bobbi Mastrangelo


Oct 10 – Oct 30, 2005
on Exhibit in Salt Lake City

Sedona Fiber Art 2001 47 x 29 x 3 Hand Made Paper  & Mixed Media
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